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Upcoming Events

  • November 4, 2021: Illinois Statewide Transition Conference

    Exhibit Hall

    The QIAT-PS project will be available at the Illinois Statewide Transition Conference to share information about the new curriculum development project and the existing AT student self-evaluation matrix.

  • November 16, 2021: Infinitec Webinar: Self-Determination and Assistive Technology: Getting Students Ready for Postsecondary Settings

    Self-determination and self-advocacy are the primary goals of transition planning in K12 special education. But are we specifically teaching high school students with disabilities to consider, choose and use assistive technology before they exit the K12 system for postsecondary settings? What knowledge, skills and beliefs would help them be more prepared? Find out in this webinar! We will help you interpret recent research on self-determination and quality indicators for AT in postsecondary education. We will also share a curriculum development project, sponsored by the federally funded Great Lakes ADA Center, that incorporates AT understanding and self-advocacy into the transition planning process. Discover how to get involved!

    1. Interpret 39 indicators (from recent research) of self-determination needed by students to obtain and use assistive technology in postsecondary settings
    2. Explain how transition planning can incorporate training on self-determination for AT
    3. Identify 3 ways to get involved in the QIAT-PS curriculum development project

Past Events

  • October 11, 2021: Preparing Students to Use AT in Postsecondary Settings

    On-Demand Presentation at Closing the Gap Conference 2021

    What’s new with Quality Indicators for Assisitve Technology in Post-Secondary Education? This presentation will provide a sneak preview of new research and a new curriculum development project. Learn about 39 indicators of self-determination related to AT use and acquisition by students in postsecondary education and how these indicators are being used to develop a curriculum to teach high school and transition-age students to self-advocate for AT before they leave K12.

    Closing the Gap Conference registrants receive access to on-demand content from October 11 through December 31, 2021 (Solutions Members through March 31, 2022).