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Now that you know a little bit about the QIAT-PS project itself, we want to introduce you to some special features on the Website. The first one we want to talk about today is how to create your own account. The reason you’d want to create an account is two-fold. First, there are some things that you can’t do unless you have logged into the site. And secondly, if you create an account, we’ll be sending you email updates about new activities and new resources in the project. So I’m going to go to the upper right-hand corner of this site where I have the option of creating an account. I’ll click on that. And you can see I already have an account. But let’s get rid of that information. And we’re going to put in a new name here. So we’ll create an account for Bev Brown. Her password is going to be Beverly. And her email is Her first name, of course, is Bev. Her last name is Brown. And here we’re going to say, Bev is very excited about the activities here, so we’re going to say: Subscribe to email updates. And we’re going to have her go to sample university, her organization. Now one thing I realize I’ve done wrong here and it’s important to point out is that you can’t have a space in the user name. So I’m going to just take that space out and we’ll have it be all one word BevBrown. And I’m going to click Register. My browser wants to know if I want to remember BevBrown. I don’t. So I get a message here that says: Thanks for registering with QIAT-PS. Your login information has been emailed to you. So I would then go to my email, get my login information and I’d be all set to go with the site. Since I am Gail Bowser and I’ve already created an account, I’m just going to log in here because I want to show you some exciting things about the QIAT-PS project.

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Posted in by Robin Jones on January 29, 2014

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