Indicator 3: Disclosure of Disability for AT Accommodations

Federal laws require disclosure of one’s disability in order to acquire necessary AT devices and supports. You should know how, when, and to whom you should give information about your disability to request an AT accommodation.

Breaking It Down

  • What information about my disability do I talk about?
  • Who do I disclose to?
  • When do I disclose?
  • Do I write it down or have a discussion?
  • Do I need to know what AT I need when I disclose?

Webinar: Disclosing Your Disability

Have A Conversation with Your Case Manager And Parents

  • What are some of my concerns about disclosing my disability?
  • What do I have to document to prove what AT I need?
  • What AT should I be learning now so I can request it as an accommodation?

Think About Your Goal

Create a disability statement: 
I have a disability, which is .... I have certain difficulties with .... I am able to do pretty well with certain accommodations including, ....


  • Disclosure 411 – A workbook for youth with disabilities to learn about and practice disclosing their disability in a variety of settings by the National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability.
  • Preparing for Postsecondary Education: What Families Need to Know – A short video for families to learn about transitioning to higher education environments from the National Parent Center on Transition and Employment.
  • An Expert Interview – An interview with the manager of ADA Minnesota talking about requesting an employment accommodation. The video is part of the free Punch-In Employment Course.
  • Disability Disclosure – An article by the Job Accommodation Network on basic disclosure information to request a reasonable accommodation.
  • Documentation Guidelines by Disability – An example of the types of documentation a college might require to request an accommodation. If you know what institution you are attending, check with their Office of Disability Services to obtain specific requirements.