Indicator 6: AT Self Evaluation

AT Self evaluation means knowing how to evaluate my personal performance when using AT and I can make adjustments in AT use in order to improve performance.

Breaking It Down

  • How do I select AT that helps me?
  • Do I understand how my AT helps me academically?
  • What adjustments could I make with my AT to improve or maximize it’s use?

Video: An Introduction to Using AT

Have A Conversation with Your Case Manager And Parents

  • Can we discuss how my AT is working in the IEP meeting?
  • What do I need to learn about operating my AT?
  • Is there any new AT I should try?

Think About Your Goal

I would like AT to help me with (blank), I will know it's working if (blank) is easier


  • Toolkit for Transition – A way to measure and evaluate your Assistive Technology skills in a variety of categories. Developed by Nichole Krier.
  • Use AT – Module 5 of the Punch-In Employment Course to learn about assistive technology options available.
  • Video: 5 Myths of About Assistive Technology – A video from dispelling common myths about AT.