Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology

Welcome to the QIAT-PS website. This project, Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology in Post-Secondary education, offers tools and resources on quality implementation of assistive technology in the post-secondary educational environments. The project is sponsored by the Great Lakes ADA Center and the Southwest ADA Center, members of the ADA National Network. QIAT-PS is a collaborative effort of hundreds of professionals from a wide variety of higher education and K-12 schools and based on the successful implementations of assistive technology indicators in K-12 public schools.

Many of us know that a person with a disability that uses or needs assistive technology and enters post-secondary education can face a number of very real challenges and barriers. During 2009, the QIAT-PS project developed and distributed a nationwide survey to current or former students with assistive technology needs in post-secondary settings. The results confirmed that there was indeed a great need for post-secondary education settings to improve their service delivery of assistive technology. Additionally, the survey demonstrated that students, the consumer of these services, bear a great level of responsibility for the quality and effectiveness of the integration of the use of assistive technology in the higher education setting.

With these needs in mind, the QIAT-PS project has developed quality tools and resources for both higher educational institutions to improve assistive technology service delivery, as well as student directed resources to increase self-advocacy skills and increase successful integration of assistive technology in the new environment. The QIAT-PS work is modeled after the successful grass roots effort to create benchmarks for assistive technology service provision in public K-12.